Workshop evaluation


Results of the workship will be discussed every day to ensure that the form, content and organisation are relevant to the workshop's aim and of high quality. Feedback will be summarized in a review.


Results dissemination


Workshop results are presented and available on the website of the consulting company "Valda". It is a handbook, which was created by workshop participants.


Please download the Handbook 


European dimension and cooperation


The workshop provides an opportunity to get broad understanding about the significance of teaching reading and writing literacy in the European context, to exchange experience, to facilitate reading and writing literacy in the wide range of training programmes, to improve teaching and training skills.


Workshop’s trainers will be experts from Latvia and Poland who have extensive experience in teaching reading and writing literacy to adults in a broad range of training programmes, e.g. teachers, library staff, specialists of ICT, motivation and communication trainers.





The workshop includes three kinds of activities: presentations of theoretical, pedagogical, didactical and practical training aspects of reading and writing literacy; discussion and analysis of case studies; visits of education organizations. The participants will present, exchange and get feedback on their experience and methods in teaching reading and writing literacy.


Please download the Program